Zit Zappers💥

Hey guys! So no matter how clean you eat or how well you take care of your skin inevitably you get a zit at some point. And they suck!!!

This post is to give you some of my top zit zapping techniques. 😜

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1. I swear by this stuff!!!! (Warning: it is not natural at all but I only use a little bit rarely and it works so well. If this isn’t for you go to the next one). It’s by Clean and Clear and you just dab a little on the zit and literally gone the next day! It stings a lot so be warned haha!

2. Use a clay mask.  Mix it wth apple cider vinegar and peppermint essential oil (just a little!). Your face with feel so fresh and clean.

3.  Use an aspirin mask on the zit.

4. Use Witch Hazel on the zit.

5. Don’t wear makeup (at least face makeup) until the zit is gone. Makeup and a ton of product will make it a lot worse. It really will!

6. Change your pillowcase. Your pillowcase collects lots of germs and such so you want to change it fairly often but change it that night when your skin is acting up.

I hope this helps!!!!

Which of these will you try? ❤️


Raw Protien Smoothie DIY

Hey guys so today is going to be a post like my DIY ice cream post but with protein shakes for people who lift weights and do a lot of athletic work protein shakes can definitely be helpful. Although I think protein is overrated it is important!

My favorite protein brands are Sunwarrior~Raw Vegan Blend, Vega~Has greens, antioxidants, probiotics and more in it and Garden of Life Raw protein.

The Base Perfect Protein Smoothie: ~One scoop protein ~One frozen banana ~1c almond milk ~Greens ~Tsp. xanthan gum (natural thickener) makes it like ice cream! Now on to the fun part the toppings. You pour your protein “ice cream smoothie” in a bowl and topping away. Make it colorful and fun!

Toppings: ~Raw nut butters ~Dry Fruit(Goji berries!!!) ~Fresh Fruit ~Flax/Chia/Hemp seeds ~Buckwheat ( not a grain more a seed!)  ~Chocolate! ~Anything else your heart fancies… these are just my favorite!

As always coupon code RQANXY applies(Free ship+$5 off)……..


I hope you enjoy this and go workout hard today!:)