How to Not Feel Restricted on a Healthy Lifestlye. 

I talked about how to make a diet your own here and today I wanted to follow it up with tips on how to not feel restricted on a healthy lifestyle.

When you follow a specific boring plan it can definitely feel restricting. Some people fall off and now some people go it IIFYM which is okay, but some people don’t want to eat processed foods and then counting macros becomes a lot of work. That is where, hopefully, some of these tips come in to help out:

1. Add Super foods: You’d be amazed at the difference this can make it making your healthy lifestyle more fun. The only thing is only if super foods are in your budget at the moment, you can get good deals though. It can easily transform your berry smoothie into acai bowl or your normal apple at lunch to a handful of delicious mulberries. I love doing this with my diet all the time.

2. Add Toppings: Instead of drinking your green drink put it in a bowl and add coconut flour, coconut shreds, and dried fruit. BOOM! If your doing a “boring” salad every day add toppings or make your dressing. It really makes it all so much better.

3. (Sweet tooth People) Don’t be afraid to make your meals dessert. Instead of having tofu and broccoli, make a tofu chocolate pudding with cucumber slices for dipping or instead of a salad with a tomato based dressing make your salad with greens, dried and fresh fruit with a mango based dressing.

4. (Savory People) Keep spices on hand. Take your steamed veggies add nutritional yeast, garlic, and real salt. Bam, pizza veggies. Instead of fruit based smoothies, make creamy veggie soups like cucumber avocado soup or tomato soup with hemp seeds and chia seeds.

5. Make Subsitutes: You can google and find a substitute for anything. Banana ice cream vs. Regular Ice cream, Mulberry Blueberry vs. Regular cereal, and so on. So many great ideas.

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I hope this helps you stay on your journey!
Be kind to yourselves,

❤ Aubrey


Superfood Salad 💪🏼

Hey guys another recipe coming at you guys today!!:) 

This one is so good! It’s chock full of superfoods and it’s a salad so it’s a great way to start the day like on Fourth of July when you know you’ll be indulging 😉😋

Without further ado here it is:


~Mixed spring greens

~Diced cucumbers and peppers (which are great for the skin!)

~1 scoop Shakeology (protein+literally CHOCK FULL of superfoods and adptogens)

~Pinch tumeric (anti-inflammatory)

~Raw saurkraut (probiotics)

~Coconut aminos or Lime juice

~Liquid vanilla stevia

Put first two ingredients in a salad bowl. Then add Shakeology and tumeric. Mix well. Then add stevia and lime juice/coconut aminos. Finally add the saurkraut. This salad is AMAZING! Chow down and show me your pics on social media so I can give ya a shoutout. 

Finally, HAPPY FOURTH!!!

What are you guys doing today? 

Beauty Minerals

Lately I’ve been reading about the connection between diet and the effect it has on your appearance (hair, skin, nails, etc….). So far my two favorite books have been “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe and “Ageless Beauty” by Natalia Rose. 

After being inspired by that today I wanted to share some minerals that are key in beauty and where to find them:). 

1. Silicon: silicon is present in almost all areas of the body. Silicon is imperative in the formation of a healthy teeth and jaw formation. Silicon is also considered a yoga mineral because muscle tissues contain at least 2% silicon allowing for flexibility and elacsity.  

Foods containing silicon and how to use them:

~nettles (try nettle tea) 

~grasses (powders/juicing)



~cucumber skin

~bell peppers 

~steel-cut oats

2. Sulfur: sulfur is like so key for beauty   It adds a “glow to the skin”. Is found in all connective tissue and collagen. It also plays a big role in healthy hair, skin and nails. 

It is largely found in MSM, which is a superfood I highly recommend trying. It’s cheap and amazing! 

3. Zinc: This is the last one I’ll touch on today but zinc is amazing. Zinc is a key member of a group of enzymes that impact collagen which gives you healthy skin complexion. It also works with vitamin E to mantain healthy reproductive organs. 

Foods containing zinc:

~pumpkin seeds (trail mix, raw)


~pecans/cashews/macadamia nuts 

~seasame/sunflower seeds

*I wouldn’t recommend a zinc supplement because it is toxic in large doses:) 

I hope this helps! 

Let me know below if you’d like a part ✌🏼️ to this post. 🙂