Superfood Salad 💪🏼

Hey guys another recipe coming at you guys today!!:) 

This one is so good! It’s chock full of superfoods and it’s a salad so it’s a great way to start the day like on Fourth of July when you know you’ll be indulging 😉😋

Without further ado here it is:


~Mixed spring greens

~Diced cucumbers and peppers (which are great for the skin!)

~1 scoop Shakeology (protein+literally CHOCK FULL of superfoods and adptogens)

~Pinch tumeric (anti-inflammatory)

~Raw saurkraut (probiotics)

~Coconut aminos or Lime juice

~Liquid vanilla stevia

Put first two ingredients in a salad bowl. Then add Shakeology and tumeric. Mix well. Then add stevia and lime juice/coconut aminos. Finally add the saurkraut. This salad is AMAZING! Chow down and show me your pics on social media so I can give ya a shoutout. 

Finally, HAPPY FOURTH!!!

What are you guys doing today? 


Top 10 Salad Ideas+What do you want to see on the blog? 

Wanted to give some creative salad ideas:) In each category I’ll give one non-vegan idea for my people still on their plant based journey.  ❤️


1. Spinach, Chicapeas, Sundried tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Diced cucumber 

2. Romaine, Black beans, Salsa, Rice, green onion, Roma tomato

3. Spring mix, eggs, green onion, grated ginger 


4. Arugula, spinach, grated zuchini with a maple syrup/Dijon/balsamic dressing. 

5. Spinach, dried cranberries, chicapeas, avocado

6. Romaine, egg whites, roasted butternut squash with a dressing of honey/mustard mix. 


7. Diced celery, avocado, Dulse, sea salt, pepper 

8. Romaine, white beans with a dressing of blended tahini/celery/zuchini/cumin/sea salt. 

9. Argula, chicken, avocado, sea salt 

Bonus Wierd Salad: (the vanilla salad) – romaine, cabbage, vanilla protein powder, sea salt, stevia with coconut milk as the dressing. 

I hope you enjoyed(and noticed how I always switched up my greens)😉. 

What are your favorite salads and what kind of things would you like to see me post:)?


Bliss Salad

Best salad ever and it’s approved for just about every diet except low carb.. SO GOOD TOO!



-Lettuce of choice  ( I like regular red leaf lettuce)

-Pint Strawberries


-5 or more Dates

-Basil (opt)

-Red Onion or Green Onion (opt)

-Cherry Tomatos (opt)

Okay so for heaven here we go.

Chop lettuce and mango. Mix well so all the juices get mixed in. Add tomatos, onion, and herbs.

Then blend strawberries and dates(should be thick) coat salad in it. Add a few chopped strawberries on top.

It is SO GOOD!

Picture Credit: Google Images:)

Question of the day: Will you try this? How can you make it your own and what would like to see here?:)

Peace and Love ❤

New Recipe! Hempy Apple Cabbage Salad.

So I have an AMAZING recipe for you today and I’ll post the health benefits so you can really appreciate what your eating!


Hempy Apple Cabbage Salad:


~1 chopped Apple (Fiber, Detoxifying, Decreases Risks of Diseases…”Apple a day keeps the doc away;)”

~4 tbs. hemp seeds (Alkaline, Omega 3/6/9, GLA, High Protein, Easy to digest compared to other nuts/seeds)

~ As many cups of cabbage to keep you full and happy… I like a ton! (High in life-force, alkaline, Helps with cancer prevention, fiber, High in vitamins and minerals including the B’s, Low calorie/High Volume)

~Raw Coconut Vinegar (Great for digestion)

~Stevia (Great for blood sugar stabilization and sweet tooth:)

Chop all the ingredients and mix. Raw food is so hard;)

ENJOY! So good and so high volume I love this salad. If you tend to binge add olive oil to coat for extra healthy fats, add extra cabbage and opt. fruit on side. These are all ideas:)

You’ll see I provided the links. You can get $5 off with RQANXY. I don’t get paid or anything I just want people to get delicious healthy food as cheap as they can that’s one of my missions.

Eat enough, enjoy, Love yourself. xx ❤