Cranberry Avocado Waffles

This recipe is a real treat. It’s so good!

Cranberry Avocado Waffles:
~2 Flax Eggs

~1 Chia Eggs

~3/4c Oat Fiber (Nunaturals)

~1/4c Cranberries

~1 Small Banana

~1/2 Small Avocado


~Baking Powder


~(OPT) Sea Salt, Acai Powder

Mix “eggs”, oat fiber, stevia, baking powder, and cinnamon. Put in waffle maker. Top with sea salt, acai powder, cinnamon, 1/2 Avocado, and the banana.

This was has been my favorite waffle recipe yet! The cranberry/avocado/banana combo is AMAZING!!!

Another benefit of this recipe is cranberries are AMAZING for you! They really nourish your urinary tract. Funny I know, but important.

Have you tried this combo? ❤


Homemade Raw Vegan Banana Nut Fudge 

Ya’ll are gonna die this recipe is amazing!!!!!!! I’m gonna get straight to it.

Raw Vegan Banana Nut Fudge:

~1c coconut oil

~1/2c nut butter of choice

~2 small mashed bananas

~Approx. 1/2c Cocao powder

~(Options) Sweentener of choice, cinnamon, vanilla, dash sea salt

Mash them all together. Push flat into a pan, cut into pieces about 1 inch each, and freeze. Then devour.

*Exercise portion control sadly this does make a lot of servings. 😜

*If you want to make this raw make sure you are using the raw versions of these ingredients. If not, no biggie.

This is gonna make a great Holliday recipe.

Do you like fudge? 😊💕

Oil Free Kale Chips (Recipe)

 This recipe is super simple. Like stupidly simple but I still really wanted to share it. It’s so good.  

~Preheat oven to 350

~Tear up a bunch of kale 

~Variations (sea salt/cinnamon/curry/ cocoa powder/coconut aminos)

~Put in oven for 10 minutes or until they are crunchy 

And Boom! These are so easy and additictive. Try it and tag me on Instagram so I can see what variation you made! 


Top 10 Salad Ideas+What do you want to see on the blog? 

Wanted to give some creative salad ideas:) In each category I’ll give one non-vegan idea for my people still on their plant based journey.  ❤️


1. Spinach, Chicapeas, Sundried tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Diced cucumber 

2. Romaine, Black beans, Salsa, Rice, green onion, Roma tomato

3. Spring mix, eggs, green onion, grated ginger 


4. Arugula, spinach, grated zuchini with a maple syrup/Dijon/balsamic dressing. 

5. Spinach, dried cranberries, chicapeas, avocado

6. Romaine, egg whites, roasted butternut squash with a dressing of honey/mustard mix. 


7. Diced celery, avocado, Dulse, sea salt, pepper 

8. Romaine, white beans with a dressing of blended tahini/celery/zuchini/cumin/sea salt. 

9. Argula, chicken, avocado, sea salt 

Bonus Wierd Salad: (the vanilla salad) – romaine, cabbage, vanilla protein powder, sea salt, stevia with coconut milk as the dressing. 

I hope you enjoyed(and noticed how I always switched up my greens)😉. 

What are your favorite salads and what kind of things would you like to see me post:)?


Water Recipes And Health Benefits!

Hey so today I’m doing a post on hydration! I talk about the importance of hydration for pretty much everything on this blog. Today I will talk about the ins/outs of hydration with recipes and more!

How to know you dehydrated:

~Dark Urine ~Thirst ~Exhaustion ~Dizzy ~Hunger/Cravings can be actually thirst ~Dry Mouth ..These are a few.

Benefits of WATER:

~Maintains a healthy fluid balance and nutrient transport ~energize muscles ~eat a healthy amount of food ~great skin ~helps all your organs like kidneys and bowels and much more…


Something that has REALLY helped me is making cool recipes with my water. Here are some great ones I use and benefits of them!:)

-Lemon, Water, Opt. Stevia.. Tastes like lemonade! (Lemon is great for the liver)

-Cranberry, Water, Opt. Stevia… (Cranberry is great for the urinary tract)

-Cucumber, Water… (Great hydration)

-Tart Cherry Juice, Water, Opt. Stevia (Anti-Inflammatory)

-Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Stevia …Tastes like apple cider (Great for digestion)

-Lime, Water,  Opt. Stevia (Vitamin C)

Always just add a little of the juice not a lot just to flavor enjoy!!!

Tip to increase water: Here’s three tips to increase water..

1. Calculate how much your drinking now and add 4oz. every couple days. It’s easy and really helps!

2. Carry a gallon with you. That’s how much you need and it’s easy to see how much you have to go.

3. Use the recipes above to help you like the taste of water.

I sincerely hope these help!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! Do you have any tips or recipes?





New Recipe! Hempy Apple Cabbage Salad.

So I have an AMAZING recipe for you today and I’ll post the health benefits so you can really appreciate what your eating!


Hempy Apple Cabbage Salad:


~1 chopped Apple (Fiber, Detoxifying, Decreases Risks of Diseases…”Apple a day keeps the doc away;)”

~4 tbs. hemp seeds (Alkaline, Omega 3/6/9, GLA, High Protein, Easy to digest compared to other nuts/seeds)

~ As many cups of cabbage to keep you full and happy… I like a ton! (High in life-force, alkaline, Helps with cancer prevention, fiber, High in vitamins and minerals including the B’s, Low calorie/High Volume)

~Raw Coconut Vinegar (Great for digestion)

~Stevia (Great for blood sugar stabilization and sweet tooth:)

Chop all the ingredients and mix. Raw food is so hard;)

ENJOY! So good and so high volume I love this salad. If you tend to binge add olive oil to coat for extra healthy fats, add extra cabbage and opt. fruit on side. These are all ideas:)

You’ll see I provided the links. You can get $5 off with RQANXY. I don’t get paid or anything I just want people to get delicious healthy food as cheap as they can that’s one of my missions.

Eat enough, enjoy, Love yourself. xx ❤

Raw Protien Smoothie DIY

Hey guys so today is going to be a post like my DIY ice cream post but with protein shakes for people who lift weights and do a lot of athletic work protein shakes can definitely be helpful. Although I think protein is overrated it is important!

My favorite protein brands are Sunwarrior~Raw Vegan Blend, Vega~Has greens, antioxidants, probiotics and more in it and Garden of Life Raw protein.

The Base Perfect Protein Smoothie: ~One scoop protein ~One frozen banana ~1c almond milk ~Greens ~Tsp. xanthan gum (natural thickener) makes it like ice cream! Now on to the fun part the toppings. You pour your protein “ice cream smoothie” in a bowl and topping away. Make it colorful and fun!

Toppings: ~Raw nut butters ~Dry Fruit(Goji berries!!!) ~Fresh Fruit ~Flax/Chia/Hemp seeds ~Buckwheat ( not a grain more a seed!)  ~Chocolate! ~Anything else your heart fancies… these are just my favorite!

As always coupon code RQANXY applies(Free ship+$5 off)……..


I hope you enjoy this and go workout hard today!:)