Are you always hungry? (Part Two: Emotions) 

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about emotional eating as part two to this post. This is so hard to overcome because you have to look beyond food. I can’t tell you how to fix it. This is a time to start that journey to get to know and love yourself. Howvever, I wanted to talk about some tips and appetite vs. hunger.

I am NEVER one to say restrict your hunger, ever ever ever. There are some people though who still struggle with appetite vs hunger. Hunger is that human drive that you need food. Your body is hungry and needs fuel to keep on. This should never be ignored, IMO. On the other hand there is appetite. Appetite is that desire to eat for usually other reasons. Someone brings food to the office and you get a smell of something delicious and then you want food. Your around people eating candy and then you want food. That’s appetite. Sometimes the fun to give in to appetite and I don’t think it should be ignored either. Sometimes though learning to ask yourself “do I really want/need food now” is helpful. Learning to discover WHY you are eating before just eating every good smelling thing. Sometimes the answer is I’m hungry or I want to enjoy company but sometimes the answer is I don’t know why I’m eating.

So moving on here are some tips to help when you can’t stop eating for reasons that aren’t physical. Please don’t use these to restrict when your hungry👍🏼.

1. Eat healthier options: If you’re still really struggling this is definitely going to be the best option. Try and keep trigger foods out of the house (until you feel more balanced) and bring in things to munch on when those feelings arise. Have carrots, salsa, air popped popcorn, apples, rice cakes, etc. Things that are light and healthy as a transition period while your trying to work on emotions.

2. Go run an errand: This can really help. Go to the bank, the store, wherever. Just go run a quick errand and you’ll probably be less munchy when you get back. If you’re still hungry eat a healthy snack.

3. Go on social media: AKA the perfect way to kill time. 😜

4. Call someone: Sounds clique but it works. You don’t have to tell them why you’re calling just catch up, ask about them.

5. Write: I LOVE writing…books, songs, journaling. Escape into a new world for a bit.

If this is something you struggle with I highly recommend The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. Don’t judge because a celeb wrote it, haha, it’s a GREAT book!

From my friend at, another GREAT resource!👌🏼

I hope this helps! Have a great day😊 ~ Aubrey

Do you or have you struggled with thise? What helped/helps you?


Food subsitutes for people with digestion issues.

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be a guide for people with stomach issues. I know first hand how tough this can be and after much experimenting I hope this helps!


1. Brown/White Rice: Use wild rice. Many brands make it. Wild rice is actually a grass not a grain. Just make sure there is no additives.

2.Oats: Try using certified gluten free oats. If that doesn’t work try using one of these three options:

-millet(which is an alkaline grain)

-pulse cauliflower in food processor and cook with cinnamon and stevia

-pulse apples and bannanas…. add a touch of almond milk.

3. Vegetables: Surprisingly can be very tough to digest. Try cooking non-cruciferous like spinach nicely with coconut oil and sea salt. If that doesn’t work add green powders or chlorophyll drops to your food instead or a little of both.

4. Meat: Try using sunwarrior protein or vega one. Also try nutritional yeast. If you are not vegan try egg whites or organic yogurt, preferably use coconut.

5. Apple, Pears, Berries,Skinned Fruits: Eat bananas (you can even sauté them), raisins, soft fruits. Not skinned or seeded.

6. Processed Sweets: Try dark chocolate, banana ice cream, and Raw rev bars.

Avoid flours and dairy especially cuz it really upsets the stomach. I sincerely hope this helps cuz I know how hard it can be. Feel free to ask any questions! If you like anything off pureformulas feel free to use my coupon code, RQANXY.

Also if you have serious issues, FODMAPS is a great thing to look into. Here is some great info!

I hope you feel better!



Water Recipes And Health Benefits!

Hey so today I’m doing a post on hydration! I talk about the importance of hydration for pretty much everything on this blog. Today I will talk about the ins/outs of hydration with recipes and more!

How to know you dehydrated:

~Dark Urine ~Thirst ~Exhaustion ~Dizzy ~Hunger/Cravings can be actually thirst ~Dry Mouth ..These are a few.

Benefits of WATER:

~Maintains a healthy fluid balance and nutrient transport ~energize muscles ~eat a healthy amount of food ~great skin ~helps all your organs like kidneys and bowels and much more…


Something that has REALLY helped me is making cool recipes with my water. Here are some great ones I use and benefits of them!:)

-Lemon, Water, Opt. Stevia.. Tastes like lemonade! (Lemon is great for the liver)

-Cranberry, Water, Opt. Stevia… (Cranberry is great for the urinary tract)

-Cucumber, Water… (Great hydration)

-Tart Cherry Juice, Water, Opt. Stevia (Anti-Inflammatory)

-Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Stevia …Tastes like apple cider (Great for digestion)

-Lime, Water,  Opt. Stevia (Vitamin C)

Always just add a little of the juice not a lot just to flavor enjoy!!!

Tip to increase water: Here’s three tips to increase water..

1. Calculate how much your drinking now and add 4oz. every couple days. It’s easy and really helps!

2. Carry a gallon with you. That’s how much you need and it’s easy to see how much you have to go.

3. Use the recipes above to help you like the taste of water.

I sincerely hope these help!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! Do you have any tips or recipes?





Amazing Article. Why I don’t do Detox Diets.

This is a quick post but I felt it was super important. So although I believe in adding stuff to help your body naturally detox such as juicing, spices, and other methods I don’t believe in extremes. You should eat too! No pills, powders, etc. will do that for you. Taking care of your body is SO important, this is the biggest reason I started this blog.

Here is A GREAT article I think everyone should read on extreme detoxes and what detox really is:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Cravings, what they mean, and when you should honor them


Hello, so today I am coming to you about a topic that affects almost everyone…cravings. Cravings are always a way of your body telling you something. I wanted to do a post on what they mean and when are some good time to honor them… why they are not that bad if you listen to them:).

Without further ado here are common cravings and what they usually mean.

Sugar—-> 1.. Your not eating enough carbs. That is the number one reason. If you are not getting enough healthy carbs (i.e. vegetables, starches, fruit…) then your body is going to crave sugar because carbs break down as sugar. Your brain runs on glucose and you need it. If carbs effect you then stick to vegetable carbs… yams, squash, etc. and eat them with protein and fat but don’t cut them out. Binging will effect you more than having carbs normally.

2. You feel to deprived. If you are on a Super strict me plan and never treat yourself to anything you enjoy eating then you start to crave things sometimes. For instance, I was eating super “good” but never ate things I liked and started to really want lucky charms, so random for me, so I decided to have a bowl of dates. It was so good, and I didn’t want lucky charms anymore because I felt satisfied.

3. Your not eating enough fats. Fats leave you satisfied. So if your just eating carbs all the time your blood sugar will not be stable and cravings get crazy! That’s why I think balance meals/snacks.

4. Try chromium and cinnamon. Both help regulate blood sugar. If your blood sugar is bad then you might crave things and feel awful.                                                                                           craving

Solution: Treat yourself in a balanced way not as an excuse cuz “you deserve it” but because your with friends/family/just want a small treat when you feel in control to not binge, Regulate blood sugar, Regulate Stress, Eat Enough/Carbs!!!!!!, Don’t overdo cardio

Chocolate—>1. Some chocolate cravings come from a need for magnessuim, which is SO important and the mineral most people are deficient in. Here’s a great article on magnessuim and what it does and all of that: here.

2. Low Blood Sugar, again. So important.

3. Stress! Again back to cortisol. Chocolate makes you feel better, because it increases serotonin levels in the brain.

4. Chocolate does have some addictive compounds that’s why a lot of women feel “addicted” to chocolate. I usually try to use carob for this reason. It’s so good and better for you and also has digestive benefits. If you wanna try it you can get it here with $5 and free shipping off coupon code: RQANXY. I hope this helps<3

Solution: Add a magnesium supplement like this one(can use coupon code), Regulate your blood sugar with balanced meals and cinnamon/chromium, Regulate stress via yoga/mediation/following your passion

Steak—->1. Low iron. Test for anemia.

2. Low sodium. Blood is high in sodium. If you are on a really low sodium diet, common in vegans, try adding natural sodium and you will notice a difference.

3. Not enough protein. I don’t believe you need a ton of protein but you do need it! If your food isn’t balanced you will crave a rich source of what your missing.

Solution: Try tofu/beans with soy sauce or sea salt. Vegan protein powder and celery. If not vegan, try eggs and sea salt.

Salt—>1. Try getting natural sodium. You do need sodium. It is a mineral and if it’s to low it does cause problems. Try adding natural sodium.

Solution: Celery

* This applies to all cravings: DRINK ENOUGH WATER!!! A lot of hunger/cravings cues from the body are from dehydration. If you hate water I’ll do a post soon on cool water recipes:)

*Also, maybe your just freaking hungry if your starving and not eating enough your going to be hungry.

*Also, tons of low intensity cardio REALLY increases cravings. And although I am not huge on the calories thing it does matter it’s just not number one. Most people over-estimate calories burned in cardio and then there cravings get so bad from stress hormones they eat way more than they burned. I really like HIIT cardio for 20 minutes to max like 45 minutes. Sometimes I do long cardio because I love it and if you do awesome! It’s just not necessary:)

I totally get how hard this is a spent a ton of time on this and sincerely hope it helps. If you have any tips then please put them below. xx ❤


Natural and Healthy Detox Tip Pt. 2


Hey ya’ll, This is a continuation of Detox Tips Pt. 1…. So without further ado here is the last 5 tips to detox in a balanced healthy way:)

6. Use healing spices in your food. See other post for all the details.

7. Add super foods to your diet. I will link the post of my favorite brands with coupons and links below but I also wanted to say which super foods are most important IMO, because it is easy to get lost in it all.

Useful super foods are: Green Powders, Maca (Great for energy and Hormones), Raw Cacao, Coconut, Chlorophyll…Again all links in this post right here:).

8. Yoga twists. Yoga is great for wringing out the digestive track. Here is an extensive list of yoga twists.

9. Start taking some Vitamin C. It helps produce glutathione that helps the liver(which is key in detox) drive away toxins. Here is a great brand of vitamin C…. Here. Coupon Code: RQANXY which gives you free shipping and $5-10 off.

10. Sweat… Sauna, Hot Yoga, Exercise, Hot Bath’s.. .Sweat gives you good skin to, bonus, just make sure you shower after you sweat so it doesn’t get in your skin.


 DRINK WATER… Add lemon, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, lime, Apple Cider Vinegar or Coconut Vinegar for a health and taste boost!