How to Not Feel Restricted on a Healthy Lifestlye. 

I talked about how to make a diet your own here and today I wanted to follow it up with tips on how to not feel restricted on a healthy lifestyle.

When you follow a specific boring plan it can definitely feel restricting. Some people fall off and now some people go it IIFYM which is okay, but some people don’t want to eat processed foods and then counting macros becomes a lot of work. That is where, hopefully, some of these tips come in to help out:

1. Add Super foods: You’d be amazed at the difference this can make it making your healthy lifestyle more fun. The only thing is only if super foods are in your budget at the moment, you can get good deals though. It can easily transform your berry smoothie into acai bowl or your normal apple at lunch to a handful of delicious mulberries. I love doing this with my diet all the time.

2. Add Toppings: Instead of drinking your green drink put it in a bowl and add coconut flour, coconut shreds, and dried fruit. BOOM! If your doing a “boring” salad every day add toppings or make your dressing. It really makes it all so much better.

3. (Sweet tooth People) Don’t be afraid to make your meals dessert. Instead of having tofu and broccoli, make a tofu chocolate pudding with cucumber slices for dipping or instead of a salad with a tomato based dressing make your salad with greens, dried and fresh fruit with a mango based dressing.

4. (Savory People) Keep spices on hand. Take your steamed veggies add nutritional yeast, garlic, and real salt. Bam, pizza veggies. Instead of fruit based smoothies, make creamy veggie soups like cucumber avocado soup or tomato soup with hemp seeds and chia seeds.

5. Make Subsitutes: You can google and find a substitute for anything. Banana ice cream vs. Regular Ice cream, Mulberry Blueberry vs. Regular cereal, and so on. So many great ideas.

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I hope this helps you stay on your journey!
Be kind to yourselves,

❤ Aubrey


7 Breakfast Ideas with Veggies! (Vegan too!) ❤️

This should be a fun post! 😀

Here are ten ways to get a breakfast that is delicious and has vegetables!

1. Tofu scramble: sauté sprouted tofu of the new hemp tofu with coconut oil and tumeric. Once you get that going add spinach, peppers, tomatoes. Lastly add sea salt, get a side of fruit and bam!

2. Green Smoothie: Use the frozen zucchini trick I use in this post and make a green smoothie. I mean who doesn’t love smoothies?!

3. Breakfast Salad: Yep. It seems weird at first but replicate the flavors you use at breakfast and make a salad. For instance… try sweet potato/spring mix/maple syrup or chopped citrus/avocado/sunflower seeds/spinach.      veggiessss

4. Zoats

5. Breakfast Collard Wraps: Take a de-stemmed collard leaf and put two tablespoons of nut butter. Finally, put a banana with cinnamon and wrap it up. Yum.

6.Cauliflower porridge: This sounds weird too, but it’s like a breakfast take on cauliflower mash. Take a head of cauliflower and steam it. Then, add it to a food processor. When it is all nice and mashed up and hot add raisins, sweetener of choice, nut milk, and pecans. SOO good.

7. Avocado Toast: Take two slices of ezekiel bread and toast it. Add avocado and romaine or kale leaves to the toast. Finally, drizzle in a olive oil/stevia/sea salt dressing. Serve with a side of fruit to balance out the flavors. SO good!

I hope this gave you some great breakfast ideas!

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<3~ Aubrey

Beyoncé goes vegan! 

So on GMA yesterday Beyoncé announced she was going vegan. Although a lot of people are mad about the build up and “let down” it’s such a great thing. She really opened the door to make Veganism less weird to people not to mention popularized it which is so fantastic. I am not some militant person but when lives can be saved it truly makes me happy. 

I also loved that she touched on the fact that it freed her of the diet mentality. I have always found that truly gives you that gift. You don’t really have to count calories, you delicious foods of all kinds, you eat tons of volume, it changes your perspective on food from calories and carbs to nutrients. It really is amazingly freeing. 

I hope that you try to go more vegan even if it’s just a Meatless Monday. 

What are your expierences with a vegan diet?

Edit: Miley jut announced she’s going vegan too which is awesome. 


Great Youtube Channels for Health and Fitness…

Hey guys so as I’ve mentioned I’m really into youtube so I thought I would share some youtube channels that are really informative~

1. FullyRawKristina: Great delicious raw food recipes for everyone, and also hosts great challenges with meal plans and all!


2. Christine Salus: GREAT HIIT workouts! So fun always engaging.

3. Freelee The Banana Girl: Fun videos and definitely great tips on veganism. Daily Vlogs and WIAW’s.


4. BananaBlondie108: AMAZING yoga, funny, and some cool tips.


5. Kara Leigh: She is a dietician and a bikini competitor. She has many “focus on” topics that give a dieticians perspective on certain things and they are all very informative.


6. Josie Mai: Great channel on intuitive eating! I don’t agree with everything she says (well obviously 😉 but it’s really great, and when your ready intuitive eating is a great thing!


7. Last but no least, Dana Linn Bailey, just a total badass!


Hope you like them. If you did let me know and I can do more or a blog version.


Beyond Food

Hey guys, I wanted to do a post that is something that I think is super important. I wanted to a post on the other factors that go into health. Food, in fact, can be just a smaller piece of the larger puzzle.


1. Water: Read all about the benefits and recipes here.

2. Mental State: Your relationship to food and life in general affects your digestion health WAY more than you know. I always feel you need to work on the mind first and foremost!  Some tips that helped me here.

3. Faith/Spirituality: I’m a Christian and my heart and soul are definitely are devoted to my Lord, but if you aren’t Christian I truly believe having a higher power is so important. If you are Christian I truly believe in the power of strengthening your relationship with Jesus. This is not in order and this would be #1!

4. Physical Activity: I really don’t think I need to go to much into detail on the benefits here, but I will do a post on different kinds. Did you know however that exercise can strongly affect your ability to digest different foods! After meals walk around it really helps. If your looking for a cool HIIT routine I got one here if you get bored easily.

5. Purpose: Having a purpose in life will DRASTICALLY change your quality of life. I don’t know about you but going through life just doing what we are “supposed to do” sounds so sad to me.

6.Connection: God made us to have a connection with other people. In fact, did you know that human connection is one of your basic needs. Here is a great song discussing just this!

I really hope this gives some insight to show you health and happiness is more than just food!

What things help your health and happiness?

Water Recipes And Health Benefits!

Hey so today I’m doing a post on hydration! I talk about the importance of hydration for pretty much everything on this blog. Today I will talk about the ins/outs of hydration with recipes and more!

How to know you dehydrated:

~Dark Urine ~Thirst ~Exhaustion ~Dizzy ~Hunger/Cravings can be actually thirst ~Dry Mouth ..These are a few.

Benefits of WATER:

~Maintains a healthy fluid balance and nutrient transport ~energize muscles ~eat a healthy amount of food ~great skin ~helps all your organs like kidneys and bowels and much more…


Something that has REALLY helped me is making cool recipes with my water. Here are some great ones I use and benefits of them!:)

-Lemon, Water, Opt. Stevia.. Tastes like lemonade! (Lemon is great for the liver)

-Cranberry, Water, Opt. Stevia… (Cranberry is great for the urinary tract)

-Cucumber, Water… (Great hydration)

-Tart Cherry Juice, Water, Opt. Stevia (Anti-Inflammatory)

-Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Stevia …Tastes like apple cider (Great for digestion)

-Lime, Water,  Opt. Stevia (Vitamin C)

Always just add a little of the juice not a lot just to flavor enjoy!!!

Tip to increase water: Here’s three tips to increase water..

1. Calculate how much your drinking now and add 4oz. every couple days. It’s easy and really helps!

2. Carry a gallon with you. That’s how much you need and it’s easy to see how much you have to go.

3. Use the recipes above to help you like the taste of water.

I sincerely hope these help!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! Do you have any tips or recipes?





New Recipe! Hempy Apple Cabbage Salad.

So I have an AMAZING recipe for you today and I’ll post the health benefits so you can really appreciate what your eating!


Hempy Apple Cabbage Salad:


~1 chopped Apple (Fiber, Detoxifying, Decreases Risks of Diseases…”Apple a day keeps the doc away;)”

~4 tbs. hemp seeds (Alkaline, Omega 3/6/9, GLA, High Protein, Easy to digest compared to other nuts/seeds)

~ As many cups of cabbage to keep you full and happy… I like a ton! (High in life-force, alkaline, Helps with cancer prevention, fiber, High in vitamins and minerals including the B’s, Low calorie/High Volume)

~Raw Coconut Vinegar (Great for digestion)

~Stevia (Great for blood sugar stabilization and sweet tooth:)

Chop all the ingredients and mix. Raw food is so hard;)

ENJOY! So good and so high volume I love this salad. If you tend to binge add olive oil to coat for extra healthy fats, add extra cabbage and opt. fruit on side. These are all ideas:)

You’ll see I provided the links. You can get $5 off with RQANXY. I don’t get paid or anything I just want people to get delicious healthy food as cheap as they can that’s one of my missions.

Eat enough, enjoy, Love yourself. xx ❤