Are you always hungry? (Part Two: Emotions) 

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about emotional eating as part two to this post. This is so hard to overcome because you have to look beyond food. I can’t tell you how to fix it. This is a time to start that journey to get to know and love yourself. Howvever, I wanted to talk about some tips and appetite vs. hunger.

I am NEVER one to say restrict your hunger, ever ever ever. There are some people though who still struggle with appetite vs hunger. Hunger is that human drive that you need food. Your body is hungry and needs fuel to keep on. This should never be ignored, IMO. On the other hand there is appetite. Appetite is that desire to eat for usually other reasons. Someone brings food to the office and you get a smell of something delicious and then you want food. Your around people eating candy and then you want food. That’s appetite. Sometimes the fun to give in to appetite and I don’t think it should be ignored either. Sometimes though learning to ask yourself “do I really want/need food now” is helpful. Learning to discover WHY you are eating before just eating every good smelling thing. Sometimes the answer is I’m hungry or I want to enjoy company but sometimes the answer is I don’t know why I’m eating.

So moving on here are some tips to help when you can’t stop eating for reasons that aren’t physical. Please don’t use these to restrict when your hungry👍🏼.

1. Eat healthier options: If you’re still really struggling this is definitely going to be the best option. Try and keep trigger foods out of the house (until you feel more balanced) and bring in things to munch on when those feelings arise. Have carrots, salsa, air popped popcorn, apples, rice cakes, etc. Things that are light and healthy as a transition period while your trying to work on emotions.

2. Go run an errand: This can really help. Go to the bank, the store, wherever. Just go run a quick errand and you’ll probably be less munchy when you get back. If you’re still hungry eat a healthy snack.

3. Go on social media: AKA the perfect way to kill time. 😜

4. Call someone: Sounds clique but it works. You don’t have to tell them why you’re calling just catch up, ask about them.

5. Write: I LOVE writing…books, songs, journaling. Escape into a new world for a bit.

If this is something you struggle with I highly recommend The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. Don’t judge because a celeb wrote it, haha, it’s a GREAT book!

From my friend at, another GREAT resource!👌🏼

I hope this helps! Have a great day😊 ~ Aubrey

Do you or have you struggled with thise? What helped/helps you?


How to: Naturally Whiten your Teeth While Increasing the Health of your Mouth (Lots!)

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to do a video on 12 ways to whiten your teeth naturally without spending a bunch of money and ingesting a lot of chemicals. Some of these are more common sense but I wanted to include them as reminders!!!!;)

1. Essential Oxygen Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse: This stuff has made such a difference for me. The hydrogen peroxide has totally cleaned and whitened my teeth dramatically.

2. Tumeric Paste: I use this daily and will switch this to every other day once my mouth is at the health and whiteness I want to be. Take 1 tbs. turmeric powder and mix with a little water to make a paste. Then, use a SEPERATE toothbrush to brush your teeth. The toothbrush will stain but it’s okay, that is why you use a separate one. Then, you will brush teeth and use your rinse AFTER. This seems weird but it really helps!

3. Oil Pulling: Take a sesame or coconut oil and swish in your mouth for 20 minutes then SPIT IT OUT. I know this seems crazy but it has SO many health benefits. I will link more information: here.

4. Floss and Brush your Teeth 2x a Day: Come on guys 2X A DAY!;)

5. Tounge Scraping: People neglect cleaning their tounge, but a simple tounge scraping in the AM could take care of that.

6. Watch Your Diet (Sugar, Wine, Coffee): Eating a ton of sugar can really hurt your teeth and if you eat something sugary try eating something low sugar with it and wash your teeth after. Also, remember that wine and coffee can stain your teeth so be aware of your intake of these things.   

 7. Alkaline Diet: If you are too acidic your body can stat taking calcium from your bones. Extremely bad news for your teeth.

8. Eat Enough/ Prevent Osteoporosis: If you don’t eat enough you can develop osteoporosis which will REALLY affect your teeth long term. This is why dentists are usually one of the first people to find eating disorders.

9. Fun Fact: Strawberries are natural teeth whitener because they contain malic acid which is a enamel whitener so eat up!

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What are your beautiful white teeth tips?

With love and you beautiful smiles ❤

How to support your thyroid (vegans approved ✌🏼️)

This seems to be a super hot topic right now and I wanted to give tips based on my research.

1. Eat carbs. This is soooo important low carb diets are proven to affect the thyroid.

2. Eat a balanced plate. Protein/carbs/fats… Monitor ironman imbalances will affect the health of your thyroid.

3. Take iodine. I think most people know this but a key thing to know is nascent iodine is the best kind to take and makes a world of a difference.

4. Low stress exercise….. Think walking, yoga, pilates, or something like Piyo which is great if you need something lower stress but love to workout.

5. Take an herbal supplement to support the thyroid. See my favorites here  and here.

I hope this helps and if you have any tips for others leave them below👇🏼. 


Plant Based Calcium: Follow up to post on Bone/Teeth Post

In follow up to the post on keeping up the health of your bones and teeth I wanted to provide 20 sources of calcium on a plant based lifestyle. ❤

1. Kale (1 cup-180mg): Make kale chips…Recipe coming soon;)

2. Collard Greens (1 cup-350 mg): Try to cook it in some coconut oil or juice it.

3. Blackstrap Molasses (2 Tbs-400mg): This stuff is amazing and is also a great source of so many minerals. Loni Jane is a huge fan. I would have it in the morning with some sort of citrus to get the iron benefits as well.

4. Tempeh (1c-215mg): This stuff is great in a stir fry.

5. Turnip Greens (1c-250mg): I would juice these.

6. Non-Dairy Milk (1c-200 to 300mg): I LOVEEEE this stuff. I use it with anything.

7. Tahini (1c-130mg): Use as a salad dressing. It is really good, but bitter I would combine it with lemon.

8. Great Northern Beans(1c-120mg): I would put it in a salad or stir fry.

9. Broccoli (1c-95mg): Steamed with a dash of olive oil and sea salt, mmmm.

10. Dates (1/2c-35mg): So tasty and super sweet, use them any which way.

There is so many more, but I wanted to highlight a few and give some ideas how to use them.

What’s your favorite on the list?

Have a great day guys! ❤ ❤ ❤

Building Stronger Bones and Teeth 

Today I wanted to write about something I’m really passionate about which is the health of your bones and teeth. Many people diet and even go to extremes not realizing the effect it can have on your bones. The amount of really young people getting diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis is scary. These things you live with for the rest of your life, and make your later years really hard. 

If you already have one of these conditions you can reverse. I know this for a fact because I have done it. I had osteoporosis and now my bone density is almost normal. Especially if you are in your younger years your body is at its prime for building the density of the bones. All these tips will apply to you as well. 

*I am not a dietician/doctor this is based on expierence and research from doctors. :)*

Without further ado here are my tips:

1. Eat Enough: if your body is starving as is the case in very extreme diets, detoxes/fasts that go on to long or aren’t done smarty, and eating disorders your body will start pulling from your bones. 

2. Strength Train: these has been scientifically proven to increase bone density. I know strength training is all the rage right now but it can be even a couple times a week full body or strength building yoga or body weight training. It doesn’t have to fit a mold just strength train. 

3. Avoid Dairy/Increase alkalinity: if your body is it acidic it can start pulling from the bones as well. I know this is counter to what you here but I’ve found it to be helpful. Just make sure you are getting lots of calcium from other sources. I can do a follow up post on that. 

4. Avoid fluoride/ SLS in your toothpaste. 

5. Floss daily. You hear it all the time I know but it helps keep your teeth clean and in line. 

6. Stretch for mobility. This really doesn’t have a ton to do with actual bone density, but if you want to be able to fully use the bones you worked hard to mantain having the mobility to do so is key. 

Hope this helps and take care of yourselves today. 

What are some tips you’ve learned? 

Top 10 Salad Ideas+What do you want to see on the blog? 

Wanted to give some creative salad ideas:) In each category I’ll give one non-vegan idea for my people still on their plant based journey.  ❤️


1. Spinach, Chicapeas, Sundried tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Diced cucumber 

2. Romaine, Black beans, Salsa, Rice, green onion, Roma tomato

3. Spring mix, eggs, green onion, grated ginger 


4. Arugula, spinach, grated zuchini with a maple syrup/Dijon/balsamic dressing. 

5. Spinach, dried cranberries, chicapeas, avocado

6. Romaine, egg whites, roasted butternut squash with a dressing of honey/mustard mix. 


7. Diced celery, avocado, Dulse, sea salt, pepper 

8. Romaine, white beans with a dressing of blended tahini/celery/zuchini/cumin/sea salt. 

9. Argula, chicken, avocado, sea salt 

Bonus Wierd Salad: (the vanilla salad) – romaine, cabbage, vanilla protein powder, sea salt, stevia with coconut milk as the dressing. 

I hope you enjoyed(and noticed how I always switched up my greens)😉. 

What are your favorite salads and what kind of things would you like to see me post:)?


10 different forms of exercise + why I hate that word. 

In a world full of exercise fads it’s easy to forget how many different ways there are to be active and what t really means. For instance the true definition of fitness is being able to get through the activities of daily living with energy leftover, for instance it’s not going to the gym for two hours but being exhausted after a shift at work. Interesting right? 

I’m one of those annoying people who loveesss to “exercise” but only because I view it as a cool way to explore my body and learn new things. I never force myself to do anything, and that’s a great place to get to. Without further ado here’s ten fun ideas to mix it up, it doesn’t have to “cardio” or “lifting” all the time unless you love that:)!

1.  Roller blading. Take it back to childhood it’s so fun and your legs will kill! 

2. Jump rope. Great cardio! 

3. Hiking. Great cardio and nature is gorgeous! 

4. Yoga and Pilates. It feels so good!!!! Ps. It’s not always just stretching too. Check out bananablondie108 her stuff is hard but still feels good. 

5. Barre. Fun ballet inspired workouts. 

7. Pole Dancing. It takes serious strength and beautiful. 

8. Kettle bells. Soo hard and great way to mix it up from weights and build strength. 

9. Biking. So fun to spin and explore the world for miles and miles. 

10. YouTube workouts. Anything you could possibly want is on there. You can dance, jump, stretch, anything. I have a post on some great channels: here.  

I hope this gives you some great ideas!