Are you literally ALWAYS hungry?

  1. Eat enough greens/minerals: I’ve talked about this a lot but you would be surprised how much volume and how filling veggies can be. Plus, mineral rich foods can be really filling for a low calorie count. Not to mention minerals are SO good for you!:)
  2. Eat enough fiber: Fiber is very filling that’s why oatmeal is going to more filling than snickers or oat bran is more filling than oatmeal. Try increasing your fiber slowly and see how you feel.
  3. Sugar Balance: Eating to much sugary foods (even fruits) can make you crave more sugar but on the other token if you don’t eat enough sugar in your diet it can lead to lots of cravings. So just take a glance at your intake now and evaluate:)
  4. Is your diet working for you?: Sometimes to find a diet that fits with your taste buds and lifestyle choices you have to experiment. Do you like your food? Are you eating too much or too little? So many factors to look at, which is why there are like a million different diets out there.
  5. Intermittent Fasting: If you don’t have a history of food issues you can try intermittent fasting. It’s definitely not for everyone but it shortens your eating time but it allows you to eat more just in a shorter time.
  6. Cravings: Are you really craving certain foods. Maybe you need to just give in. Sometimes having that cookie or whatever it is will satisfy in a way no other food can. On the other hand is there a substitute you can make. Acknowledging your hunger and cravings will really help your satisfaction:)
  7. Not a Good Balance of Macros: If you eat to much or to little of something this can drastically affect your hunger. Try switching around the types of foods you are eating and see if that helps (i.e. more/less protein, more/less carbs, etc.).
  8. Calorie Restricting: If you don’t eat enough or set goals that are to tough right now you really can set yourself up for insatiable hunger or binges later on.
  9. Healthy Weight: If you aren’t at a healthy weight your body may increase your hunger drive to protect you and bring you back into balance. Being at healthy weight, especially as a female, is very important.
Beauty Detox Power by Kimberly Snyder is a great book if this topic interests you!     Beauty Detox
I hope this helps! I know first hand how tough this can be and these tips helped me. I was just coming out of being very sick and underweight and couldn’t get full no matter how much I had.
Emotions can also play a huge roll in this so I will do a follow up post on that:)
Have a GREAT day!
<3: Aubrey
Have you or someone you know gone through this?

7 Breakfast Ideas with Veggies! (Vegan too!) ❤️

This should be a fun post! 😀

Here are ten ways to get a breakfast that is delicious and has vegetables!

1. Tofu scramble: sauté sprouted tofu of the new hemp tofu with coconut oil and tumeric. Once you get that going add spinach, peppers, tomatoes. Lastly add sea salt, get a side of fruit and bam!

2. Green Smoothie: Use the frozen zucchini trick I use in this post and make a green smoothie. I mean who doesn’t love smoothies?!

3. Breakfast Salad: Yep. It seems weird at first but replicate the flavors you use at breakfast and make a salad. For instance… try sweet potato/spring mix/maple syrup or chopped citrus/avocado/sunflower seeds/spinach.      veggiessss

4. Zoats

5. Breakfast Collard Wraps: Take a de-stemmed collard leaf and put two tablespoons of nut butter. Finally, put a banana with cinnamon and wrap it up. Yum.

6.Cauliflower porridge: This sounds weird too, but it’s like a breakfast take on cauliflower mash. Take a head of cauliflower and steam it. Then, add it to a food processor. When it is all nice and mashed up and hot add raisins, sweetener of choice, nut milk, and pecans. SOO good.

7. Avocado Toast: Take two slices of ezekiel bread and toast it. Add avocado and romaine or kale leaves to the toast. Finally, drizzle in a olive oil/stevia/sea salt dressing. Serve with a side of fruit to balance out the flavors. SO good!

I hope this gave you some great breakfast ideas!

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<3~ Aubrey

IIFYM.. Ways to add nutrients without taking away from your macros.

iifym   vs. nutrient dense

I’ve noticed a huge IIFYM trend lately and I think it’s a great thing to normailize foods. Although sadly, because there’s so much pressure to hit certain macro goal I see a lot of people avoiding all nutrient dense foods because they don’t want to “waste macros on it or would prefer a different food”. Which I think is sad because balance is super important but so is nutrition, ya know?
Here is a great post from my favorite blog/registered dietician that you should read it you struggle with wanting to always pick fake foods to hit macors that leave you hungry (This isn’t everyone, I know that:)! : Calories are not a bank account by The Real Life RD ❤

So I thought I’d add some tips to get nutrition to your food without “wasting macros” 🙂 … Enjoy…

1. Add green powders/Chlorophyll.. Very little if any macros and adds alkalinity and minerals. If your looking for some reliable brands see here.

2. Take a multi-vitamin.

3. Eat organic off the dirty dozen. When possible.

4. Use melted banana as a sweetener vs. sugar.

5. Eat giant salads(High volume) and green protein smoothies (so easy and tasteless).

6. Add veggies to your egg whites.

7. Use coconut oil vs. butter.

8. Use plant proteins such as these…Same macros.

9. Get fiber from beans in baking or something like that vs, fiber one products.

10. Use raw cacao vs. store bought Hershey’s.

11. Zevia vs. Diet Coke.

Hope these help. Macro friendly ways to boost health!:)

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Happy New Year:)!!!!~

Beyond Food

Hey guys, I wanted to do a post that is something that I think is super important. I wanted to a post on the other factors that go into health. Food, in fact, can be just a smaller piece of the larger puzzle.


1. Water: Read all about the benefits and recipes here.

2. Mental State: Your relationship to food and life in general affects your digestion health WAY more than you know. I always feel you need to work on the mind first and foremost!  Some tips that helped me here.

3. Faith/Spirituality: I’m a Christian and my heart and soul are definitely are devoted to my Lord, but if you aren’t Christian I truly believe having a higher power is so important. If you are Christian I truly believe in the power of strengthening your relationship with Jesus. This is not in order and this would be #1!

4. Physical Activity: I really don’t think I need to go to much into detail on the benefits here, but I will do a post on different kinds. Did you know however that exercise can strongly affect your ability to digest different foods! After meals walk around it really helps. If your looking for a cool HIIT routine I got one here if you get bored easily.

5. Purpose: Having a purpose in life will DRASTICALLY change your quality of life. I don’t know about you but going through life just doing what we are “supposed to do” sounds so sad to me.

6.Connection: God made us to have a connection with other people. In fact, did you know that human connection is one of your basic needs. Here is a great song discussing just this!

I really hope this gives some insight to show you health and happiness is more than just food!

What things help your health and happiness?