Are you literally ALWAYS hungry?

  1. Eat enough greens/minerals: I’ve talked about this a lot but you would be surprised how much volume and how filling veggies can be. Plus, mineral rich foods can be really filling for a low calorie count. Not to mention minerals are SO good for you!:)
  2. Eat enough fiber: Fiber is very filling that’s why oatmeal is going to more filling than snickers or oat bran is more filling than oatmeal. Try increasing your fiber slowly and see how you feel.
  3. Sugar Balance: Eating to much sugary foods (even fruits) can make you crave more sugar but on the other token if you don’t eat enough sugar in your diet it can lead to lots of cravings. So just take a glance at your intake now and evaluate:)
  4. Is your diet working for you?: Sometimes to find a diet that fits with your taste buds and lifestyle choices you have to experiment. Do you like your food? Are you eating too much or too little? So many factors to look at, which is why there are like a million different diets out there.
  5. Intermittent Fasting: If you don’t have a history of food issues you can try intermittent fasting. It’s definitely not for everyone but it shortens your eating time but it allows you to eat more just in a shorter time.
  6. Cravings: Are you really craving certain foods. Maybe you need to just give in. Sometimes having that cookie or whatever it is will satisfy in a way no other food can. On the other hand is there a substitute you can make. Acknowledging your hunger and cravings will really help your satisfaction:)
  7. Not a Good Balance of Macros: If you eat to much or to little of something this can drastically affect your hunger. Try switching around the types of foods you are eating and see if that helps (i.e. more/less protein, more/less carbs, etc.).
  8. Calorie Restricting: If you don’t eat enough or set goals that are to tough right now you really can set yourself up for insatiable hunger or binges later on.
  9. Healthy Weight: If you aren’t at a healthy weight your body may increase your hunger drive to protect you and bring you back into balance. Being at healthy weight, especially as a female, is very important.
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I hope this helps! I know first hand how tough this can be and these tips helped me. I was just coming out of being very sick and underweight and couldn’t get full no matter how much I had.
Emotions can also play a huge roll in this so I will do a follow up post on that:)
Have a GREAT day!
<3: Aubrey
Have you or someone you know gone through this?

How to Not Feel Restricted on a Healthy Lifestlye. 

I talked about how to make a diet your own here and today I wanted to follow it up with tips on how to not feel restricted on a healthy lifestyle.

When you follow a specific boring plan it can definitely feel restricting. Some people fall off and now some people go it IIFYM which is okay, but some people don’t want to eat processed foods and then counting macros becomes a lot of work. That is where, hopefully, some of these tips come in to help out:

1. Add Super foods: You’d be amazed at the difference this can make it making your healthy lifestyle more fun. The only thing is only if super foods are in your budget at the moment, you can get good deals though. It can easily transform your berry smoothie into acai bowl or your normal apple at lunch to a handful of delicious mulberries. I love doing this with my diet all the time.

2. Add Toppings: Instead of drinking your green drink put it in a bowl and add coconut flour, coconut shreds, and dried fruit. BOOM! If your doing a “boring” salad every day add toppings or make your dressing. It really makes it all so much better.

3. (Sweet tooth People) Don’t be afraid to make your meals dessert. Instead of having tofu and broccoli, make a tofu chocolate pudding with cucumber slices for dipping or instead of a salad with a tomato based dressing make your salad with greens, dried and fresh fruit with a mango based dressing.

4. (Savory People) Keep spices on hand. Take your steamed veggies add nutritional yeast, garlic, and real salt. Bam, pizza veggies. Instead of fruit based smoothies, make creamy veggie soups like cucumber avocado soup or tomato soup with hemp seeds and chia seeds.

5. Make Subsitutes: You can google and find a substitute for anything. Banana ice cream vs. Regular Ice cream, Mulberry Blueberry vs. Regular cereal, and so on. So many great ideas.

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I hope this helps you stay on your journey!
Be kind to yourselves,

❤ Aubrey

New favorite supplement company and review: #RootsofHealth

Hey you guys, today I am coming to you with a review of my new favorite supplement company, and I am very picky. It is incredible!!!!!
The brand name is Roots of Health you can’t find them in stores just online. They are SOOOO Pure all food and herbs nothing artificial at all, even down to the capsule which is literally just plant fiber and water! They are also organic. All the herbs they use are things you usually read about but no company takes the time to research, put in and spend the money on.

THEY ARE INCREDIBLE and SO affordable which I love that I can always afford them so I’m always feeling good. You usually don’t feel a supplement as fast as you feel the results from these.

*PS. Not affiliated or anything, I wish though;)*

Here are the reviews! There’s a few so bare with me, but they are all so different and meet different needs.


Acne no more: $16 for 100 capsules: This product is amazing for acne. It has herbs that help with detoxing the liver with herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion which works to help get rid of acne because acne is a buildup and toxins coming out through your skin.


Alkalizer: $16 for 100 capsules. This product is great to help boost alkalinity. I talk a lot about the importance of pH on here. This is a great product to help boost and kick start that journey for yourself. It has things such as coral calcium and magnesium to restore alkalinity.


Aloe Vera: $14 for 100 capsules. This is pure aloe which is a great anti-viral, anti-fungal, and great for healing the digestive system.


Back to Greens: $16 for 100 capsules. I think this is one of the most important for most people! If you are gonna get one this is the one to get it combines the healing power of greens with prebiotics. Starting ingredients such as Jerusalem artichoke and Chlorella.


Trace Minerals: $24 for a bottle. THIS IS fantastic too. It’s pure minerals. Did you know a lot of people cave into cravings due to mineral deficiencies. Yep. #fact… This is awesome it goes in your water and is amazing for athletes.


Eliminate: $16 for 100 capsules. Another product I use daily. It flushes stuff from everyone: liver, gallbladder, colon. If you struggle with bloating and/or constipation. This is for you. Staring ingredients such as senna leaf and habanero 200,000 H.U.


Energee: $20 for 100 capsules. This you can use as an adaptogen if your tired from hormone struggles or even as a natural “pre-workout.” I am yet to try this blend but the ingredient combo tells me it will be great with maca root and horny goat weed being some staring ingredient.


Immune Support: $14 for 90 capsules. Great to help boost the immune system. Staring ingredients such as reishi mushroom and aloe vera extract.

inflam 20

Inflammatory Support: $14 for 90 capsules. Another one I try to take daily. Inflammation is the root cause of all disease, and I really try to keep my inflammation levels down. It makes me feel so good and grounded and healthy. If you workout a lot your inflammation is high because exercise is a stress on the body even though it’s good for you. It stars ingredients such as ginger root, barley grass, and turmeric.

primal 20

Primal Support: $20 for 90 capsules. This really helps you replenish your bodies natural bacteria. It helps with things such as digestion, fibromyalgia, and depression. I really want to try this one, it has ingredients such as plant minerals and yucca juice.

c 14

Real “C”: $14 for 100 capsules. We all know the benefits of viamin C but we don’t know is 99% aren’t absorbing the vitamin C we are taking. For real, things like absorbic acid are not good things to really be putting in your body. This is cheap and made with pure acerola berry and you won’t just pee it out.

I just want you to know that when I listed the ingredients that’s not all the ingredients just a few. If you want to get some, and you won’t regret it go to: Roots of Health Online.

To much health,

Have a good night ❤ ❤ ❤